Hello there!
Under “The Producer” in the menu, you’ll find most 20 albums or so I’ve produced since 2003. Or simply choose from the links below.
This menu is under construction, more to come!

CROCODILES – Boys, 2015.
MARTIN THULIN – I’d rather Be Transparent Than A Shadow In The Dark
BAM BAM -Futura Vía, 2011.
JESSY BULBO – Telememe, 2011
SILVERIO – Silverio, 2008
LOS FANCY FREE -Nevergreens Vol.2, 2008.
NOS LLAMAMOS – Nos Llamamos, 2008.
LOS FANCY FREE – Nevergreens Vol.1, 2007.
JESSY BULBO – Saga Mama, 2006
3RD EAR – Silicone Carne, 2005.
TITAN – Titán, 2005
LOS FANCY FREE – Out of Place, 2005.
LOS FANCY FREE – Menonita Rock, 2003.

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