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Martin Thulin Mix Tape

15 Nov

Martin Ensayo

These are some of the songs I listened to when I wrote the album “I’d Rather Be Transparent Than A Shadow In The Dark”. I hope some of the magic rubbed off…
Originally I made this mix-tape for but I never saw it published, or did I simply miss it? Sorry, no playlist, lost it at some point…you can always write to me and ask for any particular songs (indicating min/sec).
Music is the only real sex!

Aaron Bautistas’ first LP since Nos Llamamos

10 Oct


Long-time friend Aaron Bautista finally released his first solo effort. 7 years after the Nos Llamamos debut album I produced, don’t even remember anymore…? What I like about this record is that it seems to live within it’s own universe, careless about trends out there. A very personal album, I respect that a lot. Produced by Hugo Quezada, ex-Robota.


3rd Ear – Silicone Carne, 2005. unreleased album.

12 Sep

3rd Ear - Silicone Carne, 2005. unreleased album.

In 2005 I finished this album for Horseglue Records, a London based label run by Add N to (x)’s Barry 7 and Ethan Reid from Soul Jazz. Unfortunately the label went bankrupt when the master was finished. It’s been laying on the shelf ever since, until to today. This is the best album I’ve made. Hope you like it.

Less Win – Wired

27 Mar

Solo es rock’n’roll pero me gusta, una banda danesa.

It’s only rock’n’roll but I like it, a band from Denmark