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3rd Ear – Silicone Carne, 2005. unreleased album.

12 Sep

3rd Ear - Silicone Carne, 2005. unreleased album.

In 2005 I finished this album for Horseglue Records, a London based label run by Add N to (x)’s Barry 7 and Ethan Reid from Soul Jazz. Unfortunately the label went bankrupt when the master was finished. It’s been laying on the shelf ever since, until to today. This is the best album I’ve made. Hope you like it.


?Secret Mexican Band LP Side A? 2004.

21 Mar

This record was released in 2004 on Nuevos Ricos through some Italian Art Gallery that of course fucked us over. So some 30 copies or less made it to Mexico, what happened to the rest…? I would later record a full album, for Horseglue Records, London, run by Barry 7 of Add N to (x) and Ethan Reid. A 7″ was released as ?Secret Mexican Band before changing names to 3rd Ear. The album never saw the light cause when the record was finished the label went bankrupt, bloody cursed music…