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Aaron Bautistas’ first LP since Nos Llamamos

10 Oct


Long-time friend Aaron Bautista finally released his first solo effort. 7 years after the Nos Llamamos debut album I produced, don’t even remember anymore…? What I like about this record is that it seems to live within it’s own universe, careless about trends out there. A very personal album, I respect that a lot. Produced by Hugo Quezada, ex-Robota.


Martin Thulin Vinyl LP Available Now! / Disponible Ya!

21 Apr

Martin Thulin Vinyl LP available now!

(Below in spanish)


Gatefold. White vinyl. Hard Inner sleeve w/ lyrics. Numbered insert first 400 copies. Cheap international shipping. Buy it here

Listen to 3 songs here! Or watch the videos:Bring On The Future, Guns Down Glued to the Chair,

Desplegable. Vinyl blanco. Funda de papel grueso con letras. Inserto numerado primeros 400 copias. Envío barato. Compralo aquí.

Tambien se vende en LA ROMA RECORDS, Álvaro Obregón 200 bis 1, Col. Roma, México D.F. (55) 5264 2140

Escucha 3 canciones aquí arriba o ve los videos: Bring On The Future, Guns Down Glued to the Chair,


?Secret Mexican Band LP Side A? 2004.

21 Mar

This record was released in 2004 on Nuevos Ricos through some Italian Art Gallery that of course fucked us over. So some 30 copies or less made it to Mexico, what happened to the rest…? I would later record a full album, for Horseglue Records, London, run by Barry 7 of Add N to (x) and Ethan Reid. A 7″ was released as ?Secret Mexican Band before changing names to 3rd Ear. The album never saw the light cause when the record was finished the label went bankrupt, bloody cursed music…